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Criminal Lawyer/ Advocate in Dwarka

Are you accused of any criminal charges? Don't panic & keep calm.

If you are charged with any criminal offense, count on Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar, our proficient criminal lawyer in Dwarka, who would fight your criminal case and get you acquitted in just court hearings. Our advocate, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar, has vast experience tackling chronic criminal issues like rape, murder, molestation, hit & run accident cases, attempts to murder, etc. Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar is committed to providing satisfactory outcomes to each client stuck in any criminal case. Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. stand with each client in every stage of the criminal litigation procedure. We counsel our clients in cases of:

  • Criminal Writs
  • Bails
  • Evidence
  • Trial
  • Criminal complaints 
  • Suspension of Sentence
  • Appeals
  • Quashing of FIR
  • Revisions
  • Domestic Violence

Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. is the most prominent organization in India’s string of legal firms. We offer solutions & prompt legal advice moreover guidance to our customers on Criminal disputes. Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. is backed by a set of experienced law practitioners in criminal disputes. Nowadays, ordinary people worry about entering legal quarrels due to extremely high service charges & extended judgmental periods. But our organization provides helpful legal advice at an adequate cost that even ordinary people can also endure. Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar, the best advocate in Dwarka, is an appropriate legal professional for clients who need a criminal lawyer that matches their requirements.

Why Choose Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar the Best Criminal Lawyer in Dwarka?

The criminal advocates must own a modification of added skills for defending their clients. And in such criminal cases, the legal advice of an advocate can provide your rights & ensure an ideal outcome for your criminal case. Criminal Laws are considered highly technical & quite complex, needing a remarkable set of extraordinary skills to defend their clients.

The fully-independent legal professional Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar, being up-to-date on all the legal precedents, is enthusiastic about providing accurate legal services to both domestic & international clients. He is resourceful and capable of handling all criminal cases to get positive outcomes, no matter how complex that criminal case is.

Know - How Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. Best Criminal Law Firm Benefits to choose ?

Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. has been successfully handling different types of criminal cases for our diverse clients and corporate clients, mainly in the following matters:

Before a criminal court filing & arguing of anticipatory bail applications 

  • Criminal Revision
  • Criminal Trial before the magistrate as well as the court of session
  • An appeal in the High Court & Supreme Court against the Rejection of Bail Application
  • Filing of the Regular Bail before Criminal Courts
  • Criminal Appeal
  • Drafting & Filing of the reply before the Magistrate/Court or police
  • The appeal before the Hon’ble High Courts & the Supreme Court of India.
  • Quashing of FIRs & Criminal Complaints beneath Section 482 by High Court

Thus, Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. Firm endeavors to provide them the best advice & services as much as expected from their clients. Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar, the best criminal lawyer in Dwarka, will guide you & assist you with the most suitable solution to get the proper relief from criminal-related matters.