divorce law

Divorce Law

Get the best Divorce Lawyer in Dwarka, Delhi.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar, the Advocate, is a reputed Divorce Lawyer in Dwarka, Specialising in Divorce Cases bonded to family Law according to the Indian Legal System. Our team of Lawyers guided by Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tanwar has successfully fought multiple cases regarding Divorce related cases. At Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. Law Associates, we provide divorce-related Legal solutions and legal consultation. Hence, our clientele is often referred to as the Best Divorce Lawyer in Dwarka.

Indian society was one of the close-knit societies where divorce was not heard. Whereas as time changes, families pursue divorce. Causes can be different. Moreover, the process can be extremely tedious with several complications. And because of the long-winded and complicated procedure, families were pushed to continue a destructive marriage. With the awareness and numerous legal firms taking up the divorce cases, people are now generous to go via divorce.

Divorce cases follow five steps

  1. If the specific divorce is with mutual consent, then the process is simple & less expensive.
  2. But if there is any cruelty/infidelity/one of the spouses is not prepared for the divorce, the procedure becomes lengthy & complicated. It takes the best lawyers in Dwarka Delhi to handle & turn specific cases towards favorable judgment.
  3. A child’s custody usually becomes crucial if both partners aspire for custody. Here at Tanwar’s Firm & Asso, the divorce lawyer must play a valid and effective card to ensure custody to its client.
Divorce law


  1. Furthermore, all the alimony & the money to be charged for the spouse remains a matter where both the partners often do not consent. Several types of research are done to pose a robust case for money set for the alimony.
  1. If any joint property is involved, that is also required to be allocated among the couple in a pleasant way.

To apply for divorce itself remains a significant step in India; moreover, not many people know how to move through the process. Couples are nervous and scared even to face specific legal bodies. The procedure of best divorce lawyers in Dwarka Delhi at Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. is also to convince, educate & guide as an advisor and a friend. The client is emotionally injured and harassed and may get anxious and fearful throughout the case hearing.

Consequently, couples enduring a divorce opt for law corporations to bear the divorce case. Tanwar’s Firm & Asso. has the best divorce advocates in Dwarka Delhi who handle the case from the exact beginning to its commencement. We have a remarkable track record of enduring divorce cases in a highly efficient & amicable manner. Also, the charges which often pinches the client are very nominal. The quotation is presented in a conspicuous method with no hidden charges.

The divorce procedure has never been an easy approach for the couple, though it’s a better way when it evolves hard to stay together.